emShare is a secure file transfer and distribution system that facilitates sending and receiving any sized file over the internet. With emShare, there are no file size limitations like the ones that plague standard email accounts and you can post a file (with attached notes) for download by an unlimited number of recipients. Best of all, emShare provides one click recipient notification as well as delivery tracking information making it possible to know who downloaded your file and when the transfer took place. emShare is available in both single user and enterprise configurations - each providing a unique set of features designed for specific user environments making file transfer and tracking easy to perform and manage.

Engineers and Architects
Distributing large CAD drawings, site plans or project information among team members and clients can be costly and time consuming. emShare enterprise addition facilitates the entire delivery process between individuals, workgroups and clients while providing accountability through an online delivery tracking system.

Agencies and Printers
Sending and receiving large files to magazines, clients and each other is an everyday part of the business. emShare solves all of the email- related transfer difficulties and provides a non-platform independent vehicle for moving large amounts of data around on the internet. Best of all, because emShare is a hosted application, there’s no need to maintain expensive servers and high-speed lines to ensure speedy file transfer.

Everyday Business
Did you ever have an immediate need to send an important PowerPoint or MSProject file to a client or colleague, but found it was too large to be sent via email? Or maybe your email system was down? With emShare, you’ll never have that difficulty again! All you need is a standard web browser and a connection to the internet and you have all of the tools you need to get your file from here to there – quickly!
Speedy delivery of any sized file
emShare puts an end to email attachment size limitations and speeds your file to the intended recipient. Unlike most FTP systems, there’s no special software or expertise required. All you need is a web browser and you’re ready to begin using emShare.

Track electronic file delivery

emShare provides total accountability for digital file delivery by tracking and logging each download as it occurs. You can immediately log into your emShare account and view the identity, time and filename associated with each download.

Save money
emShare eliminates the need for expensive express carriers by making it possible for normal people with normal internet connections to send and receive large files through their web browser.
Centralized delivery and version control
By storing your file in one centralized location for delivery to an unlimited number of recipients, emShare ensures there will never be a question of whether or not you are working with the most current data or who is the "keeper" of any given file.

File documentation

Sometimes it is important for the recipient to receive notes or instructions with a download. emShare makes it possible to attach those notes to each file.