It can be a cruel world for stock agencies that haven't taken advantage of Archivia, but the Stock Media Police are hard at work protecting innocent businesses from the criminal underworld. Read the full police reports from hard-boiled cops.

Walking the beat for as long as I have, you'd think I would be used to seeing friendly, upstanding stock media companies killed by the competition. Heck, the corporate gutters are filled with 'em. But it still hurts every time, like when some pretty dame breaks my heart.

So when I got the call for this case and saw that sweet, innocent business lying there, it was a real punch to the gut. I could tell it had been a high-class company, with nice, caring employees back home. And you should have seen the stock on this one, hundreds of beautiful photos that could stop traffic. Yes sir, this business had really taken care of itself.

The suspect? Well that was an easy one. It's always the same perp in these cases: online competitors that steal customers and strangle the life out of stock media companies. And that's a real shame, because a nice business like this one could have easily avoided this grisly fate if it had just known about Archivia.

For years Archivia has been getting stock media companies off the mean streets and making them comfortable in the world of high-end, web-based media sales. Providing businesses with a stable and affordable way to display, sell, and deliver their media assets, it's the only real protection out there from cutthroat rivals. Archivia lets companies of all sizes stop looking over their shoulders, and allows them to focus on what they do best: selling images, video, audio, fonts, and software.

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